About us
InstaPR.eu is a small team of a talented people who are passionate about social media and marketing. We have experience in event management, media production and hotel management. One of our members is currently graduating for honours degree in Business and IT! Our goal is to meet clients expectations and satisfaction with our service!

Constant engagement is a key!
We realized that the most effective way to organically increase your Instagram followers & likes is to engage with real people on Instagram. But to do this successfully and consistently, you have to be on Instagram 24/7, engaging with targeted people who are more likely to be interested in your type content.
That's how we came-up with idea to offer InstaPR service.
What you'll get
InstaPR is perfect for promotion both business and personal Instagram accounts.
Your audience
Targeted audience is a key. Your account will interact with most suitable audience for your business using location, #ashtags or other account.
Real people
8% of Instagram accounts are reportedly fake spam-bot accounts and 30% are inactive. We do not use bots or inactive accounts to get your followers growing.
Instagram has limits for any account activity. We know the rules and will play safe.
We made our service affordable - some people spend more on coffee during a month.
Growing network
Instagram has over 600 million users and keeps growing every day! Great place to show your business.
We take care about our clients time. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
We do require your Instagram password to complete our services!
Please check FAQ section below or contact us prior to order!

Order form
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* Delivery time may vary depending on account activity, location and quality of photos
How it works
To begin simply choose your plan and hit Order Now button. You will then need to fill a form in order we can process your order.
Please provide us with some hashtags to target and/or your competitor accounts, and we'll do our research & find your perfect demographic. For example if you want to target people interested in beauty products, you should provide us with hashtags such as: #beauty, #cosmetics, #instabeauty, etc. If you need help with finding the right hashtags, you can use top-hashtags.com.
Once our research is done, we'll plug in your targeting parameters into our system and begin your custom Instagram growth campaign using data from what has worked with our previous clients in similar categories to inform our targeting decisions and strategy on your account.
Is this safe? Will my account be banned or put at risk?
Absolutely not. We work well within the rate limits set by Instagram, ensuring that we never exceed them and put your account at risk. Also your account is 100% secure while using our service.
Are the followers real?
Yes! We guarantee 100% organic real and targeted followers. That's why we cannot provide instant followers like other websites who know in advance how many fake accounts the have created and intend to use to follow or like your posts. We provide a steady influx of real followers through targeted engagement and unparalleled management. Our job is to locate people who would have naturally followed you if they found your page on their own and as a result you will notice more comments and liked to your post.
What do you need from me?
You will need to connect your account to our system using your Instagram username and password. Your account security is very important to us! The password is required to establish a connection with Instagram through our system. We use your login info to access the Instagram API, but we never actually log into your account. In order for us to connect your account to our targeting system, Instagram requires that you provide your username and password. Without this information, Instagram will not allow our system to connect and target new followers on your behalf.
Will my password be safe?
Make sure your Instagram account is connected to YOUR email and phone number. Therefore absolutely NO ONE can change your password without Instagram first alerting and asking you for permission. Furthermore you can simply change your password at anytime which will automatically block our system from accessing your account. Lastly we encrypt and keep safe all accounts connected to our system.
Will I still be able to use my account?
Yes. We never login to your account because all our work is done on the back end. You will be able to use your account as you normally would and we encourage you to be more actively posting and responding to comments because you don't want to disappoint your new and growing audience.
After the process starts, can I add more hashtags?
At anytime during your subscription, you can edit, change or update your targeting parameters as you please. Simply email the changes to your account manager or email us at: pr@instapr.eu
Will I end up following a lot of people?
We will NEVER leave your account with a high following count. Once we reach the maximum followings permitted, we will reverse the process and unfollow all the targeted accounts that we followed. Once we have delivered your purchased amount of followers, we will unfollow ALL account that we have followed, bringing your following number back to it's original level.
Will you unfollow people that I personally followed?
No. We ONLY unfollow targeted accounts that we followed during your service and NEVER unfollow anyone that you personally followed.
Once my service is over, will I loose my followers?
No. We only deliver 100% real and active followers who CHOOSE to follow you because they like your content. So unlike fake followers, they will not be removed by Instagram or by us because we do not control these accounts.
I just signed up and paid. What now?
Once your signup is complete, you will be assigned an account manager available 24/7 via email. Your account manager will review your chosen hashtags and then combine that with data from our 1000+ clients to identify which of your hashtags are yielding the most results at any given time, and then use that information to fine-tune your targeting parameters. Please allow up to 4 hours for your account manager to email you and be sure to check your spam/junk folders if you don't hear from us.
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