About us
InstaPR.eu is a small team of a talented people who are passionate about social media and marketing. We have experience in event management, media production and hotel management. One of our members is currently graduating for honours degree in Business and IT! Our goal is to meet clients expectations and satisfaction with our service!
What you'll get
InstaPR is perfect for promotion both business and personal Instagram accounts.
Your audience
Targeted audience is a key. Your account will interact with most suitable audience for your business using location, #ashtags or other account.
Real people
8% of Instagram accounts are reportedly fake spam-bot accounts and 30% are inactive. We do not use bots or inactive accounts to get your followers growing.
Instagram has limits for any account activity. We know the rules and will play safe.
We made our service affordable - some people spend more on coffee during a month.
Growing network
Instagram has over 500 million users and keeps growing every day! Great place to show your business.
We take care about our clients time. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
How we work
Our goal is your satisfaction!
Contact us using form below. We will analyse your Instagram account and will get back to you with related questions and suggestions how we can cooperate.
We will create a strategy just for you and will give you 14 days of service for free!
After you happy with strategy and 14 free days of service we will work to reach your targets!
Still not sure?
We will provide 2 weeks of free subscription without any obligations so you can "test the water"!
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